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Hello and Welcome to the Emissary English blog

Well after much delay and some in depth research on how this is done here in Finland, I have decided to go ahead and open my own company. Every week is full of new surprises in regards to official looking papers that arrive in my mail that have to be decoded back into English, but I enjoy the challenge and it is a good learning curve.

I started this blog in connection to my company website so that I can use it as a sounding board for some of the issues or challenges students face when it comes to learning English. I would also like to offer advice on how to solve some of the more complex learning challenge that my students face.

For example: prepositions are extremely difficult for most learners. Stay tuned for some exercises on how to improve them.

Also, I plan to include what I call "Question Time". Here I will publish a question that a student has asked me that perhaps is a little more complex than usual. I will then explain the answer to the questions for potential discussion among all.

I hope you enjoy.


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