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Email English and You

Every week I get asked questions about email English and the best way to address clients and contacts. The most challenging thing for students I think is understanding what style of English they should use when they contact someone. For example, if you use too much casual language then people think you are too relaxed in your attitude and if you use too much formal English people think that there is something wrong with you..............but more about that later.

First thing's first though, it is really important not to spend too much time formulating an email in your work day and the best way to do this is to start to learn key phrases that you can use without too much thought.

To help you learn such phrases I have put together the following exercise. See if you can answer the questions and then scroll down for the answers. Remember that by practicing some of these phrases, your day will become a little more efficient.


Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct tense to complete the following key email phrases.

1. I ____________ (write) to you about the meeting next week.

2. I ___________(attach) the excel document.

3. I'm looking forward to__________ (hear) from you soon.

4. If you have any more questions, please ___________ (not hesitate) to let me know.

5. I'm sorry______________ (tell) you that.............

6. Looking forward to ____________ (hear) from you soon.

7. I'm afraid I__________ (attend) a conference overseas that day.

8. I _______ (write) to you in connection with the meeting next week.

9. __________ (answer) to your first question.

10. I'm looking forward to__________ (see) you then.

An obvious picture here.....



1. am writing

2. have attached

3. hearing

4. do not hesitate

5. to tell

6. hearing

7. am attending

8. am writing

9. In answer

10. seeing

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