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Giving presentations..quick start

It seems like a hugely challenging task to have to do a business presentation, and it seems even harder when you have to give it in a foreign language . One of the easiest things to do is to start with a simple introduction which can be memorised for dramatic impact. A presentation introduction simplified to its basic elements is usually a combination of the same key phrases with some of the details changed.

For example: You have to give a short presentation on "Sport in Finland".

Step 1: Think about two main topics you would like to talk about in your presentation. In this case we can divide it very easily into "winter sports" and "summer sports".

Step 2: Now follow this simple formula...


Introduce your job and your position

Introduce the subject of your talk

Give a brief outline of your talk

Timing and Questions

Link to start

This becomes:

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Jon Smith and work as Cultural Liaison Officer for the Finnish Regional Government.

Today I am going to talk to you about sport in Finland.

First I am going to talk to you about winter sport in Finland, and secondly I am going to give you an overview on summer sport in Finland.

My talk today will be for about 5 minutes so if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me at the end of the presentation.

OK, let's start.

Step 3

Memorise your introduction. By using these very simple phrases and then just adding your customised content it becomes easier to remember what to say, make less mistakes and have a big impact on your audience.

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