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What has been going on?

Wow. It was a very busy and successful 2019 for us here at Emissary English and as we continue into 2020i, I think it is about time to do a 2019 year in review.

Last year we were lucky to have the opportunity to work with a vast range of students from different areas and as a result our teaching content has continued to diversify.

Here is a summary:

Exam preparation: this ranged from standard ITELS preparation to international Diplomatic Corps exam preparation. All students successfully achieved their goals, so congratulations to them all.

Workshop Seminars: These continued to be a popular request and the subjects included Presentation Skills, Meetings and Negotiations and Cross- Cultural Communication skills.

Continued regular classes with a focus on various industry vocabulary including ICT, Building and Engineering, Medical English, Service Design and Health and Welfare.

Last year also had us expand into High School exam preparation and coaching with a lot of success.

And as we go into this year we are excited to announce the continued focus on Cross-Cultural Communication. As businesses become more and more international here in Finland and in Europe, there is an increased need for managers and Human Resources departments to cope with a diverse workplace and the associated communication challenges. Emissary English now offers workshops in Cross-Cultural Communication and looks forward to assisting local business with their particular challenges as we proceed into the new year. Watch this space for more information.

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