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Studying English Online

After many years of doing mostly face to face training, 2020 has brought an interesting shift in the way we are doing things as we move towards majority online classes.

I must say, it was quite surprising how well it turned out. At the start we had a to of students who were quite against the idea for various reasons, but as they have progressed with their online classes I think they have been pleasantly surprised with just how well they have "come out of their shell". What were my quietest students in the past when we were face to face are now the loudest and most talkative in class online. A lot of students have been able to "find their voice" during this time, and myself and all the instructors at Emissary English find this outstanding.

So I highly recommend giving it a try if you are considering it. Learning online also gives you the freedom to learn any time during the day, in any location. In September 2020, you can also talk to us about doing a free trial lesson.

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